Operational Response Plan

Updated 7/18/2020

Grays Harbor is now in Phase 3 of the reopening plan. We still take public safety very serious. Our first market day went really well and we will continue to be diligent in our effort to provide a safe market for both our customers and vendors. 

Farmers markets are essential, just like grocery stores or food banks. Our goal is to make sure we provide safe access to high quality locally produced farm products. We are also be fully operational with WIC and SNAP benefits. It is imperative to our community that this food access remains available, and we are committed to making it safe. Here is a summary of requirements for the market to open on schedule:


  1. Social Distancing Required & Masks required: we will be placing vendors more than 6 feet apart and marking the ground for waiting spots. We will have a social distancing officer that will monitor how many people are at the market and encourage social distancing.
  2. Sampling is now allowed if vendors contact the local health department and meet all their requirements. No food will be consumed onsite. All ready-to-eat food must be wrapped and taken to-go.
  3. Vendors & Patrons must wear face masks. Washing hands or wearing gloves when handling currency is encouraged to not cross contaminate. Rounding all items to the nearest dollar to eliminate the need to make change with coinage is encouraged.
  4. Customers will bag their own items. We will allow reusable bags.
  5. Products will need to kept away from customers. Vendors can keep on a table behind and use an empty table in front OR vendors can make displays with clear plastic so customers can see and point to what they want OR vendors can fence off the booth. 
  6. It is best practice to have two vendors at each booth, one to handle product and one to handle money. If this is not possible then the vendor must use gloves or hand sanitizing  between transactions. Food truck vendors must have two people. 
  7. Hand sanitizer and surface sanitizers will be required at every booth. Vendors must sanitize surfaces every 30 minutes. Here is a link to disinfectants and sanitizers:
  8. Hand washing stations will be set up at the entrance and by the restrooms. Customers will be encouraged to wash hands. Here is a link to setup a handwashing station: (All food vendors must have handwashing stations as well).
  9. We will have entertainment but no seating. People can enjoy the music while waiting in line. We are lucky to have lots of space to enjoy local musicians. 
  10. There will be NO children’s activities. 
  11. Aberdeen Sunday Market will provide envelopes for vendor fees. Only one person will run the Point of Sale for Aberdeen Sunday Market. Customers will be encouraged to swipe cards themselves or read numbers so there is no exchange of cards with POS person. When the POS sale person is on break, no transactions will take place.
  12. Take care of yourself and your community. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to keep our immune systems strong when we need it most! And as we always say, the season is the reason we are rooted in our community.