Growing up I have always loved gardening. I think it stemmed from going to my Grandparents place in Ocean Shores Washington and digging massive potatoes from the sandy soil, seeing  the huge rhubarb plants my Grandmother would make pies out of and the delicious fried zucchini she would make for dinner that came straight from her garden. When I moved into the city of Aberdeen in 2010 I have had Laying hens and have been enjoying delicious eggs ever since. I did some tampering with raised bed gardening over the last several years and it was at this point I realised how terrible the traditional food from Mexico or California tastes. It’s picked before it is ripe, grown with chemical fertilizers and bred for them exact purposes so they can ship it all the way to the consumer and sell it at a premium. When I started gardening I also started doing a ton of research on gardening at home and learning about market gardeners. Curtis Stone The Urban Farmer has been a huge inspiration to me along with some others such as  Jean-Martin Fortier and Richard Perkins. I have been thinking about starting a market garden here at my place in town and have been scared to do so because I didn’t think it would be viable. In August of 2018 and with some confidence boosting from some locals and some good friends we decided to give it a go! So we are launching our first year as a market farm in 2019 and am excited for the future of the food here in Grays Harbor Washington.