The Aberdeen Sunday Market is located at West Heron and South Broadway in Downtown Aberdeen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aberdeen Sunday Market / WHOLE Harbor?
The Aberdeen Sunday Market operates under, and is the focal project of WHOLE Harbor, a registered non-profit organization. The Aberdeen Sunday Market is a true Farmers’ Market and member of the Washington State Farmers’ Market Association. Above all, it’s a great place to shop, eat and socialize locally and enjoy food, entertainment and wellness activities.

How is Aberdeen Sunday Market funded?
The market is funded through grants, vendor fees, private donations, fundraising events, and countless hours of volunteer time. If you are interested in donating or becoming a sponsor please email

How long has Aberdeen Sunday Market been around?
The Aberdeen Sunday Market had its first season in 2019 and will run every Sunday from June 14th through September 15th, from 10am to 3pm on the south end of Broadway between E. Heron and State Streets in Downtown Aberdeen, WA.

How is the Market responding to the Covid-19 crisis?
The Aberdeen Sunday Market is compliant with the CDC and State of Washington guidelines for Farmers Markets operations for safety of the public and vendors.  Read our policy and guidelines here.

What kinds of vendors are invited to apply?
The Aberdeen Sunday Market is committed to maintaining its status as a member of the Washington State Farmers’ Market Association. This means we must adhere as closely as possible to the “Roots Guidelines” set forth by WSFMA for vendor mix. Priority is given to growers/producers within Grays Harbor and bordering counties, who use organic processes (no certification required), food processors who use as many locally sourced products as possible, ready-to-eat foods using locally sourced products and then artisans who make a product by hand, preferably using locally sourced components. Resellers (with few exceptions) and Multi-Level Marketing are not allowed. If you are unsure if you qualify please refer to the Roots Guidelines here and/or email

How do I become a ASM vendor?
The Aberdeen Sunday Market will take applications throughout the season. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee you entry to the market. If and when your application is accepted, you will be sent a vendor contract and hold harmless agreement to sign and return with first day’s payment (if applicable).

How can I become a market volunteer?
We are always looking for market volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a market volunteer, please contact Carmen at

Can I bring my pet to the market?
Pets are welcome at the Aberdeen Sunday Market! Sometimes we even have special things just for them! We ask that dog’s abide by these seven rules:
Dogs must keep their people on a short leash.
Dogs must make sure their people are close at their side at all times.
Dogs must make sure their people keep them away from produce, plants, and other food products.
Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and children. If you get excited (in a bad way), please have your people take you away from the market activities.
Be considerate—not everyone loves dogs (I know, we don’t get it either..) and some customers are allergic to animals.
Don’t forget to have your people clean up after you!
If management asks you to leave the market, please escort your people off the premises.
Who do I contact about playing music at one of the markets?
The Aberdeen Sunday Market is seeking high-quality, family-friendly performers of all kinds! Please email for more info.

Does Aberdeen Sunday Market allow buskers or peddlers at the market?
If prior arrangements are made with the Market Manager. Please email

Can I use my EBT / WIC / Senior Nutrition benefits at the market?
We not only accept SNAP and WIC but we also feature matching grant so you get double money!

Can I use my credit or debit card at the market?
Each vendor will have their own payment methods set up, some may take debit/credit and some may not.

Does Aberdeen Sunday Market conduct market tours?
Not at this time. We encourage you to come down and talk to farmers directly as many have open hours for visitors to their farms.

Does Aberdeen Sunday Market allow community organizations to set up a table at the market?
It sure does! Please fill out and submit a regular vendor application and denote that you are a community organization. In most cases, there is no fee to table and space is generally available only on a “fill-in” basis, in order to prioritize food/farm vendors. If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a workshop or demo, please contact

Is there anything I can’t bring to the market?
Please no motorized vehicles except in the case of necessity. No open alcohol containers and no smoking/vaping in the market area.

Does the market operate on rainy days?
Heck yes! This is the PNW after all. Not only do we operate in the rain but we embrace and celebrate it with special activities and giveaways!

Does the Aberdeen Sunday Market accept donations?
Again… “Heck yes!” Please feel free to use the donate features on our website and Facebook page (when they are set up) or stop by the Market Info Booth on Sundays. We also encourage you to email for major donor/sponsorship opportunities.