This is a list of our vendors that are and have participated in the Aberdeen Sunday Market!  THEY ARE AMAZING!

Company Contact
Aberdeen High School
Argos Farms FB: /argosfarmspnw/
Barefoot Family Farm FB: /barefootfamilyfarm/
Beach Dog Barkery  
Bob Burkle Built/Soundstream Music Ranch  
Brady’s Oysters
Bright Day Bath & Body
Creative Ginger FB: /creativegingers/
Cultivating Roots
Double Barrel BBQ
Eileen Bean Presents  
Factory 305
Farm at Dry Bed Creek FB: /drybedcreek/
Fiber Play
Fyfe Family Farms FB: /fyfefamilyfarms/
Gathered Sunlight FB: /gatheredsunlight/
Harbor Books FB: /harborbooks/
Harbor Eden Farms
High Impact Dance Academy FB: /High-Impact-Dance-Academy-104667976252677/
Hungry Hollow Farm
Inspired by Loyza/Peace Time Rocks  
Jerry’s Wood’n Toys  
Joanie’s Peonies FB: /Joanies-Peonies-1077537462292030/
Luna Rana Farms FB: /lunaranafarms/
Moyer Multi Media
North Pacific Utopian Wares
Ocean Rose Designs FB: oceanrosedesigns
Randall Street Garden FB:compostbuildsgoodsoil
Ridge Top Alpacas FB: /tenalpacas/
Rusty Acres Garden Shed FB: /RustyAcresGardenShed/
Samba’s Baskets FB: /SambasBaskets/
Sassy Seafood
Sky Island Farm
South Side Pollen Patch FB: /2134550470124944/
The Sweet Spot Bakery  
Tinderbox Coffee Roasters
Vagabond & Happenstance
Woohoo Winery
The Moses  
Tracey Sundberg  


Sky Island Farm

Sky Island Farm is a small diverse farm. Our primary focus is the sustainable production of the highest quality produce on the market. However we also grow flowers for both decorative and culinary purposes, a small selection of fruit and hand tie wreaths, garlands and centerpieces over the holidays. Another less often mentioned but very important part of our farm operations here at Sky Island Farm are our livestock. They are an integral element that undergirds all that we do here. Not only do they provide our small staff with fantastic nutrition via meat and milk. They also perform many indispensable functions in our fertility regimen. From clearing to composting we really love the work they do for us and our customers! We have been serving Grays Harbor County since 2013. We offer our goods through many venues: grocery stores, high end restaurants all of which are listed on our website. We also run Grays Harbor County’s longest serving and only market style CSA. Which for those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept stands for community supported agriculture and is a way for people to connect directly with their farmer through direct purchase and face to face interaction. CSA customers receive the best pricing the farmer can afford, are always encouraged to ask questions about the production of their food, get the largest possible selection and get the satisfaction of knowing that all of the money they spend on their food goes directly to the farmer and their own local economy. Here at Sky Island we strive to provide a diverse offering of nutrient dense as well as visually appealing cultivars to our customers at a price that won’t leave them bankrupt. We truly love what we do and hope to be able to provide these and more services to Grays Harbor and beyond for many years to come! Our journey…The idea to start Sky Island Farm began on a wind swept ridge in northern California about 7 years ago when our young family was living on our 10 acre homestead. We had been producing our own food for several years which entailed growing a massive vegetable garden, small orchard, milk, cheese, lamb, goat and fowl. We had fallen in love with the lifestyle and wanted to find a way to market our many acquired skills. So with this in mind we headed north in search of property with more water and level ground on which to start our farm. In honor of that little piece of which tested us so thoroughly and gave us the skills and so much of the strength we have today we named our new farm Sky Island Farm.

2019 will be our third season providing a CSA to the people of Grays Harbor County! Our goal is to provide produce of the absolute highest quality and do so at a price that is affordable to all income levels. This past season we provided 5 months of fresh produce and for this season we plan to have at least 7 months of fresh produce. Our current model of CSA is a hybrid market style where the customer gets to choose what they want or they can choose one of our set box options. The market style format as stated above allows you to choose which items you would like and pay the week of delivery. Our set box options are available to those who are constantly on the go and can’t take the time to order, but would still like fantastic produce delivered to their doorstep.

Brady’s Oysters

Brady’s Oysters is a family owned and operated business spanning 4 generations offering oysters grown on Suspended Culture, a unique method developed by Brady Engvall in the early 1970’s. This method keeps the oyster out of the mud, yielding a better tasting oyster.

If you would like to see how our Oyster Farm works, we offer an informational video in the store and then depending on staff, a small tour of the site. You can also watch the shucker and grader in action!

Fyfe Family Farm

We are a family farm, providing locally grown organic non GMO produce and meats for the local community. We are family owned and run in Montesano, WA.

    Harbor Eden Farms

    Growing up I have always loved gardening. I think it stemmed from going to my Grandparents place in Ocean Shores Washington and digging massive potatoes from the sandy soil, seeing  the huge rhubarb plants my Grandmother would make pies out of and the delicious fried zucchini she would make for dinner that came straight from her garden. When I moved into the city of Aberdeen in 2010 I have had Laying hens and have been enjoying delicious eggs ever since. I did some tampering with raised bed gardening over the last several years and it was at this point I realised how terrible the traditional food from Mexico or California tastes. It’s picked before it is ripe, grown with chemical fertilizers and bred for them exact purposes so they can ship it all the way to the consumer and sell it at a premium. When I started gardening I also started doing a ton of research on gardening at home and learning about market gardeners. Curtis Stone The Urban Farmer has been a huge inspiration to me along with some others such as  Jean-Martin Fortier and Richard Perkins. I have been thinking about starting a market garden here at my place in town and have been scared to do so because I didn’t think it would be viable. In August of 2018 and with some confidence boosting from some locals and some good friends we decided to give it a go! So we are launching our first year as a market farm in 2019 and am excited for the future of the food here in Grays Harbor Washington.

    The Farm at Dry Bed Creek

    More info coming soon…

    Barefoot Family Farm

    More info coming soon…