Lured to the Pacific Northwest by the promise of better access to water and affordable land, Kate Harwell and Bill Thorn put down roots on the Washington Coast as Sky Island Farm. They came from California with many years of homesteading experience, but when they moved to Grays Harbor they decided to turn that passion into a business venture.

Since their launch 4 years ago, they have grown immensely and caught the attention of many local community members and businesses. The majority of what they grow and sell is micro-greens, salad mix and other vegetables. Their farm is quaint, hidden behind old growth trees close to the Humptulips River. The crops line the property while baby goats prance around and nibble at accessible plants.

While farming is a practically ancient craft, and not something unheard of in Grays Harbor county, they have brought a new perspective to the act of cultivating the land. They are obviously deeply involved with their work, tending the plants by hand and sharing their commitment to the often unpredictable nature of farming.

Sky Island produce is used at local restaurants like Rediviva, Brunch 101 and Frontagers but is also available at small grocers such as Organics 101 and Front Street Market. The goal for this family business truly is to feed Grays Harbor and offer a variety of produce at reasonable prices. Rather than focus on a single crop which they can ship off outside the county, they run a smaller farm with a larger variety so they can provide for local businesses and families.

Last year, they introduced a CSA option. They had a few join for last year’s season, but this year the CSA is booming with many new members. They intend to keep the prices and commitment small for families wishing to join, so that they can experience how amazing local and fresh food can be. In hopes to provide even more variety, they intend to partner up with neighboring farms to increase the options to potentially include fruit and mushrooms as well. (Contact for more information)

While their farm is not open to the public, their produce is available at a variety of locations, listed below. Grab a fresh bunch of lettuce, tomatoes and peppers and whip up a salad this summer at home or while you’re visiting Grays Harbor on your next vacation.