Sunday July 5th Victory Garden Celebration

Aberdeen Sunday Market is hosting Victory Garden Celebration 2020. Historically when our country has faced crisis, we respond by planting a garden and 2020 is no different. Food Security is our goal so we are honoring our Victory Garden heritage by giving out over 100 heritage seed packets to our customers. Come down and ask our local farmers growing advice from Bee Organic Farms or Cultivating Roots Community Gardens. Pick up some peonies from Joanie. Grab some tomato and pepper plants from Luna Rana farms. Quench your thirst from local beverage makers like Woohoo Winery or Kambuchaluv. Pickup some flowers from Willapa Valley Lavender Farm or some tea from Fancy Accent Tea Company. Savor some tacos from El Tequilero or grab some BBQ sauce to go from Sgt. Harts. Enjoy some tunes spun by DJ Mia Ohms for a socially distanced dance party. Double your EBT benefits with SNAP match. The season is the reason we are rooted in our community.
DJ Mia Ohms